MakerShield Kit 讓不需焊接,輕鬆建立及改變所需要的回路。用家可分配各種組件及引腳,於微控制器上自由地將組件連接到腳引上,過程輕鬆簡易。

MakerShield Kit 包含了數種板載組件 (LED 燈, 電位器, 觸動開關) 可與 Arduino 的輸入輸出系統連接,此外還有一個擁有 19 x 13 貫穿孔的原型區域。

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If you've ever done any breadboarding, you know that it's great for sketching out an electronics idea, but terrible at storing a more permanent prototype. In the same way, fixing mistakes on soldered protoboard can be frustrating and messy.

The Arduino design strikes a great balance between these two options by exposing the pins of the microcontroller on top of the board in four female headers. Using these, you can snap in pre-made daughterboards, or shields, to add different applications. With the proper wires, you can easily use the Arduino with a standard breadboard to test out a circuit. With the MakerShield, however, you can transfer your working prototype to a shield that snaps into an Arduino just like a pre-built shield. The MakerShield makes it easy to build your own permanent prototypes as shields.

The MakerShield includes several on-board components (LEDs, potentiometers, tactile switches) that can be connected to the Arduino's inputs and outputs. A generous 19 x 13 through-hole prototyping area comprises the rest of the board.

More Details:
Common components included with pre-defined footprints
Components include a potentiometer, button, and (2) LEDs
Support for 3.3V & 5V circuits
ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) header in the same location as the Arduino boards
Power filtering capacitors on 5V and 3.3V lines

Advanced users might want to stack another shield (eg. an Ethernet shield) on top of the MakerShield. This isn't a problem since the MakerShield kit provides stackable header pins. Some other development boards, such as Netduino, require 3.3V analog signals instead of the Arduino's 5V. The MakerShield provides a jumper that allows you to select between either 5V or 3.3V signals on the potentiometer.

Please note: Assembly required (soldering). Does not include a microcontroller. Also available in the Ultimate Microcontroller Pack for Arduino.

Custom PCB  |  Reset button  |  User definable button  |  User definable LED's (Red & Green)  |  User definable potentiometer  |  User selectable 3.3V or 5V jumper for the potentiometer (works with Arduino & Netduino)  |  Male 'stacking' header pins brings up all the micro-controller pins  |  3.3V Header pins  |  5V headers pins  |  Ground header pins  |  power filtering capacitors  |  6-pin ICSP header pin (in the same location as the Arduino, allowing you to stack shields that need it)  |  Resistors for the LED's  |  5V rail  |  Ground rail  |  Prototyping area (our mini breadboard fits perfectly)