The 4WD Rovera 能完美建立 Arduino Robotics。只需附加電池,便可依照 Michael Margolis 的《Make an Arduino Controlled Robot Book》來學習製作 Arduino、小型機械人及自動感應裝置。

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The 4WD Rovera is the perfect platform to build on and to get started with Arduino Robotics. Just add batteries, follow along with Michael Margolis' new Make an Arduino Controlled Robot Book, and you'll learn all about Arduino, robotics, sensors — and have plenty of room to grow. 

Make a robot that's capable of obstacle and edge detection, line following, and that can be controlled via almost any TV remote. Take it further with your own code to take advantage of the ultrasonic ping sensor, IR sensors, LEDs.

4WD Robot Platform |  Ping Sensor with Servo Mount |  Arduino Leonardo w/Headers |  Motorshield  |  Reflectance Sensors  |  Noise Suppressors  |  IR Decoders  |  Bus Sockets  |  Additional Arduino Headers (for expansion)  |  Hardware  |  Stripboard  |  Wires  |  Resistors  |  LEDs  |  Transistors  |  Make an Arduino Controlled Robot Book and PDF, by Michael Margolis