Getting Started with Netduino Kit 是一個像 Arduino 一樣,開放原始碼的微控制器,唯一的分別在於你可使用 Microsoft 的 Visual C# Express .NET 來編寫程式。這讓已經熟悉 .NET 語言的用家不需重新學習便可快速上手應用。

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Getting Started with Netduino Kit is an open source microcontroller similar to an Arduino, except it is programmed using the common Visual C# .NET programming language developed by Microsoft. This makes it perfect for people that are already familiar with .NET environment and don't want the hassle of learning another variation of code.

This full featured kit includes the Getting Started with Netduino book by Chris Walker, the creator of the NetDuino platform. Using this book and the components in the kit you'll be learn:
How to install the free Visual C# Express .NET Micro Framework and Netduino SDK.
Turn an LED on and off.
Increase the capabilities of the Netduino using shields.
Interact with digital and analog signals using the MakerShield.
Dim and brighten LEDs using pulse width modulation and control RGB LEDs.
Use electrical pulses to play a song and control servos.
Create an app to control your Netduino over the internet.

Getting Started with NetDuino Book  |  NetDuino Microcontroller  |  MakerShied Prototyping Board  |  Solderless Mini Breadboard  |  Green 3mm LEDs  |  Red 3mm LEDs  |  5mm RGB LED  |  220 Ohm resistors  |  Momentary button  |  Piezo buzzer  |  Micro servo motor  |  Deluxe Jumper Wire pack  |  USB A to B cable