BrushBot Kit 簡單易學,適合小朋友學習如何利用基本的電子組件進行製作,啟發他們思考如何設計出小型「機械人」。BrushBot Kit 分別使用一般牙刷的刷頭及刷毛作為小型「機械人」身體及腳,並利用微型馬達及電子使其來回轉動及震動。一套 BrushBot Kit 可 4 個製作 BrushBot 小型「機械人」,是小朋友可各自創作並互相競技的新奇小玩意。

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BrushBots are great for teaching kids about making, working with basic electronics, and thinking outside the box in minimalist "robot" design. Inspired by the original Bristlebot how-to from our friends at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, the BrushBot uses the head of a toothbrush as its body and the bristles as its legs. The hundreds of nylon bristles that would normally clean your teeth twitch and vibrate to make the "bot" bounce along like a nervous little insect. A tiny pager motor and coin cell battery provide the get up and go, and can be disconnected when you're done playing to lengthen the life of the project. The kit comes with the parts you need to build four of your own BrushBots, but you'll also need some wire strippers and a some strong clippers. They're easy to make, fun to personalize, and good, goofy fun to race.

BrushBots can be customized and taught to many different age levels, and are perfect activities for after school groups, the classroom, and parties. See if you can hack our BrushBots and come up with a more fearsome bot with different combinations of brush heads and motors!

Colorful toothbrushes  |  Micro pager motors  |  Coin cell batteries  |  Sticky pads