2the Max 保養條款

所有 2the Max 產品 (以下稱為 "產品") 之保養須受以下條款約束:
Warranty of all 2the Max products (hereafter referred as "products") is subject to the following terms and conditions:

產品由購買當日起可享有 1 年或於產品包裝上所列明的保養時間 (免費人工及零件保養)。
All products are subject to a warranty period of one year or as specified in the respective product packaging from the date of purchase (including parts and labour).

在以下任何一種情況下產品保養將告失效,包括本產品用於過度的商業用途;因疏忽操作、意外、濫用、不正當安裝或使用而引致損壞;曾經被非 2the Max 指定之技術人員自行修理或改裝;及正常的日常耗用。
2the Max is not responsible for the repairing or replacement of products in any of the following circumstances: used for heavy commercial purpose; damaged by misuse, negligence, accident, abuse, improper installation, and misapplication; has been repaired or altered by unauthorized persons or agents; and, normal worn out in the course of time.

During the warranty period if the supply of any parts of the defect items are discontinued, customers may be required to trade-in the defect items for other equivalent products*.

接受保養服務時必須出示所購產品之零售商收據或發票 (已作網上產品登記之產品除外)。
Except products having been registered online, all warranty services will only be provided upon presentation of the original proof of purchase (dealer's receipt or invoice).

All warranty service, terms and conditions are only applicable in the Hong Kong and Macau SARs. 

2the Max 保留更改保養條款的權利,恕不作另行通知。
2the Max reserves all the rights to alter the terms and conditions without prior notice. 

* 產品須符合本公司之指定條件或可能將另行收費。
  Subject to certain conditions and charge may apply.